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important to you

A bullettin, a couple DZs or all your favourite coaches, you chose how many notifications to receive. We are here to help, not to bother.

Easy and Simple to Use

We put great effort in designing the interface, everything is where you expect it to be.


DZs & Tunnels in your pocket

Look for a dz or tunnel, check all the details. Call or write if needed, then navigate there.
Then Jump&Fly, of course, and repeat.
Cauz' it's the best.


Skydive Tribe is Free and will remain so, get it for Android or iOS.



Equipment Bullettins

Fill in your equipment details and receive a notification in case of important bullettins, why nobody though of this before??

Equipment Deadlines

Never ever grounded again because your repack, insurance or medical check are expired! We got you covered.



Find'em easy

Look for a dz or tunnel, check all the details.  Call or write if needed, then navigate there. 
Then Jump&Fly, of course, and repeat cauz' it's the best.

13 Countries and counting

How many lists of dropzones worldwide have we seen?
Oh boy, a lot, and often data, even from national federations are wrong or outdated. We hand build our dropzone database checking one by one location, contact details and if open, continuously trying to building a reliable database.
Be the Tribe and don't hesitate to get in touch to improve it!  



Best Filters Ever

Filter by country, DZ or Indoor and... discipline, how cool is that?

Share like there's no tomorrow

Share the events on whatsapp, telegram, mail... FB.. wherever you want to the masses or to the single friend you want to give heads up to. 



Check out athletes and organizers

Check out load organizers and coach, look at their profile, description, area of expertise and at which event they will be next.

Reach out!

Phone, mail, FB.. don't be shy and get in touch, our superheroes are there to help you become one!