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Skydive Tribe want to be a drive in the skydiving community, motivating people to jump and discover what to do next in our wonderful discipline, dropzones are our home and we want to help!

Skydive Tribe already advertise your dropzone and your events making them easily available and at the fingertip reach for the skydiving community.

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If you want to do the next step, we offer DZOs and marketing managers various instruments to better reach skydivers and deliver important informations:


Traffic Re-Routing

Subscribing dropzones can install on their website a pluging featuring all their events, when activated all Skydive Tribe traffic will be directed on their website and will contribute to dz page ranking.


Push Notifications

Got incoming tandems and will be open during the week? Send a quick push notification message on your skydiver's phone and get some help fill the plane! Close for some unplanned maintenance? Notify immediately your skydivers and save them the trip, they will love u even more :)


Full dropzone details

Add dz info and details such as logo, available services, description, photos, pricing info, available rental rigs (students love it!) 


Add events outside Facebook

Manage your dropzone's events and openings calendar directly on Skydive Tribe.

Annual subscription fee for dropzones is 250€ / 300$

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